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ingredients - AUSTRALIAN EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL -The same extra virgin olive oil you'd choose to use in the kitchen, we use in our soap bars. Pure extra virgin olive oil manufactured locally, right here in Victoria. It's a more expensive option to stay local, but supporting our Australian farming industry is important to us, and the quality of oil is second-to-none.
COCONUT OIL-Coconut oil is wonderful addition to soap, as it is rich in medium-chain fatty acids; in particular, lauric acid, which has many proven health benefits. These saturated fats are ideal for use in skin care, nourishing the skin and providing a natural protective layer. In soap making, coconut oil also helps to harden the bars and produces a bubbly lather. Palm oil does this too, but the production of palm oil has a detrimental impact on our environment. Almost all soaps in supermarkets, health food and organic stores contain palm oil. Worldwide only 21% of all palm oil is certified sustainable, and some of these suppliers' practices are questionable. Our soap will always remain palm-oil free. "Every hour, 300 football fields of precious remaining forest is lost in Malaysia and Indonesia to make way for palm oil plantations.”
— The Orangutan Project
STEAM-PROCESSED RAW SHEA BUTTER-Shea butter has been used for centuries, and is rich in fatty acids, vitamins A, E and F. It gives a luxurious feel to soap and is a rich emollient. Shea butter is known for its ability to smooth and soften the skin, is used as an anti-aging ingredient, as well as in products that promote skin elasticity. Shea butter is extracted from shea nuts that grow on Karité trees, indigenous to Africa. Our shea butter is produced in Ghana and is certified organic. It contains no additives and is processed using steam only, not chemical solvents (hexane).
100% PURE ESSENTIAL OILS- Skin irritation caused by synthetic fragrances was one of the key reasons why we started making our own pure soaps. The skin is our largest organ, and over 60% of what we apply to our skin is absorbed. Synthetic fragrances are created using chemical ingredients, the majority of which are derived from petroleum. Many of our essential oils are Australian made, including our lemon myrtle, lavender, tea tree and eucalyptus.